Tumbili: A Novel

     The year is 1960, two newlywed physicians travel to Tanganyika, Africa, to change the world. Instead, they find themselves in the midst of a sinister germ warfare plot. Years after their deaths, their daughter comes across letters written by her parents to one other, to friends, and to family. Through these letters, she comes to know the parents she lost while still a young child, and she uncovers the true story of their demise

Salmon Bay 


     Born in 1900 and becoming a doctor at a time when this was far out of the ordinary, Signe Lund finds true fulfillment in China before the Second World War. Cut down by the fears and prejudices of others because of her love for Dr. Liu Chien, she is forced to return to America, and eventually finds a new life in Salmon Bay on the Oregon Coast. And, a new man enters her life, Flint, really Phineas Flint, sheriff of Hawk County. Together they solve the brutal murder of a young Chinese woman and bring to rough justice the two German agents responsible for her death.




     It falls to Dr. Signe Lund to perform the autopsy on the body of a young woman found in a pond on Emerald Creek, near Salmon Bay, Oregon, in 1937. Murder is certain, the identity of the young woman is not known until the end of this tangled tale of lust and larceny. Signe and Sheriff Flint name the young woman Ophelia, and this proves eerily apt, as the tragedy of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" plays out through the dissolution of the Larsen family timber empire. Fans of "Salmon Bay" will enjoy meeting Aunt Blix and the Jergenson family again, now numbering three young children, with the arrival of Holly. Through the unlikely availability of a Ford Trimotor forestry airplane, Signe and Flint exact rough justice on the murderers of Ophelia. 


     The Second World War changed life in the coastal town of Salmon Bay, Oregon, in many ways. The threat of Japanese espionage and sabotage proved real and Dr. Signe Lund and Sheriff Phineas Flint - now married with a three-year old daughter - are swept into countering these dangers. Against this background is woven the story of the romance of Juliet Carlsson, from the Swedish community, and Roald Monsen, from the Norwegian community, proving Shakespeare’s play, “Romeo and Juliet,” is timeless. Familiar characters from the previous Salmon Bay novel - Aunt Blix, the Jurgenson family, Dr. Horace Williams, and others - appear on cue and play their parts in this medical mystery romance drama of love and war.